Portrait, framed of Dr Edward Boot; Unknown; 000/283


Moruya and District Historical Society Museum


Portrait, framed of Dr Edward Boot

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Edward Boot studied medicine at Trinity College Dublin. In 1837, while he was in Ireland, he married Catherine Morrison. Dr Boot came to Australia in 1841 as ship’s surgeon on the immigrant ship United Kingdom.

A month after arriving in Australia Dr Boot brought his family to Moruya where he practiced medicine for 58 years. For nearly 50 years he was the only surgeon in the district.

Dr Boot died in Moruya on 4 September, 1899.

‘…This week we have to chronicle the death of the oldest resident of Moruya in the person of Dr Edward Boot who passed away at the ripe old age of 86..The deceased was proverbial for his kindness and humanity. Without fee or reward the necessitous in early days were visited by him at any time or place.’
Moruya Examiner,18 September, 1899

This portrait was chosen because the important role that Dr Boot had as the only medical practitioner in the district for such a significant period of Moruya’s history.



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