Textile Square - Souvenir of the Dardanelles, World War I, 1915; circa 1915; 018...


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Textile Square - Souvenir of the Dardanelles, World War I, 1915

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Souvenir textile square featuring a colour lithograph with images and captions, printed on cotton. The scenes and captions relate to events during World War I, specifically the Gallipoli campaign and the sinking of the SMS Emden by HMAS Sydney. The upper centre reads "A Souvenir of the Great War and the Glorious Part Played By Australia and New Zealand"; centred roundel shows the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli with the caption "The landing of our gallant sons of Empire on the Gallipoli Peninsula"; underneath is the remains of the Emden with a caption reading "The Scrap Heap: a view of the Emden after the fight with the Sydney off the Cocos Keeling Islands. The four corners of the cloth feature smaller roundels depicting the port and starboard views of the floating ships Sydney and Emden. On either side of the central panel are flags of (left) the United Kingdom, France, Australia, the Red Ensign and Russia; and (right) Belgium, Serbia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Italy.

Date Made

circa 1915

Inscription and Marks


Printed on the textile is the following 'A souvenir of the great world war and the part played by Australia and New Zealand - the landing of our gallant sons of the empire on the Gallipoli peninsula - 'The scrap heap', a view of the 'Emden' after the fight with the "Sydney" off the Cocos Keeling islands'.


Textile - 430 mm (Height), 650 mm (Width)
Frame - 600 mm (Height) x 900 mm (Width)

Subject and Association Keywords

World War 1

Subject and Association Keywords

Significant object

Subject and Association Description

The object is printed commemorative textile square. They are also termed handkerchiefs, souvenirs or occasionally scarves. They are not designed to be worn or used. From the 1850s many such printed squares were designed to mark important events, anniversaries, wars, political battles and as satirical works.


Clothing & Textiles Collection

Credit Line

Donated by Mrs Dolly Curson

Object Type

World War 1 memorabilia

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