Photograph, Main Roads Cricket Club, 1937-38; Sidney Riley (Photographer); 1/1/1...


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Photograph, Main Roads Cricket Club, 1937-38

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Framed picture of the Main Roads Depot Cricket Club, 1937-38
Black and white image of 14 men, arranged in 3 rows, with the first row seated. Formal photograph taken in photography studio. 13 of the men are wearing white uniforms with the remainder in three piece suits. Four round picture inserts have been affixed to the upper part of the photograph. Photograph has two square borders, closest to photograph in grey, edged in thick black border. Frame is wooden with glass front. Glass is broken in lower right hand corner. It seems likely that the hanging wire is not original as it is thick and crudely twisted.

Place Made

Australia - Queensland

Place Notes

246 Queen St., Brisbane


Sidney Riley (Photographer)

Date Made


Medium and Materials

Card/Cardboard (Paper)
Indeterminate (Paper)
Indeterminate (Glass)
Indeterminate (Metals - Indeterminate)
Indeterminate Base (Photographs)

Inscription and Marks

<Printed onto background, above picture> 'Main Roads Depot Pastime Cricket Club \ Q.C.A. (Warehouse Division), Season 1937-38 / Runners-up 3B Grade, 1933-34 Premiers 3B Grade, 1934-35 . Premiers 2C Grade, 1936-37 Premiers A2 Concrete Grade, 1937-38'
<Printed onto background, below picture> 'Sidney Riley 246 Queens St., Brisbane, \ FRONT ROW-A. SIER, C. WHITTINGTON, M. J. WHALLEY (Capt. and Secretary), J. E. ENGLAND (Vice-President), J. SIBLEY (Vice Capt.), \ J. T. GIBSON, (Treasurer), F. O'CONNELL \ SECOND ROW-E. GRIMES, J. GRAHAM, A. CLARK Senr., A. CLARKE Junr. \ BACK ROW-T. DAVIS, H. MALTMAN (Vice-Pres.), W. DRUMMOND \ INSERTS- V. DORE, A. CAMPBELL, A. E. WELSBY (Pres.), F. C. WHITTINGTON (Umpire)'


670L x 543W x 20D

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