Truck (1934 Model BB Ford); Ford; T-1030-0


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Truck (1934 Model BB Ford)

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Restored tip-tray truck, 1934 Model BB Ford. Blue/green painted body, cabin and tray sides with black trim on fenders and under body. Red painted wheel rims. Cabin has thin curved metal roof and no doors, black vinyl-covered seat cushion and back. Sides of seat are shaped panels of blue/green wood. Varnished and painted black wood on floor. Gear stick, from floor, situated to left of black steering wheel. Horn and head-light switches located on centre of steering wheel. Two left-hand foot pedals have flat circular, rubber covered foot plates, accelerator painted silver with small foot plate. Amp, speedometer and fuel gauges located in centre of dash. Small round viewing hole at rear of cabin. Winch system for tip-tray located centrally between cabin and tray (black frame with silver cables). Tray base is made of wooden planks. Sides are removable. Bonnet is long and rectangular. The sides are hinged at top, latched at bottom and lift to reveal engine.



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Inscription and Marks

Enamelled logo on front of bonnet, silver on blue: 'ford'
Moulded silver metal logo on right and left sides of bonnet: 'ford'
Printed on left hand gauge in cabin: '-30\15\0\15\30+\Amperes'
Printed on speedometer, centre gauge in cabin: '10\20\30\40\50\60\70\80\90\100'
Printed on fuel gauge, left hand side in cabins: 'E\1/2\F'


5200 x 1800 x 2000

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