Artwork: Wooden framed lithograph 'The Fox Silently Entering the Poultry Yard'; ...


Health Museum of South Australia


Artwork: Wooden framed lithograph 'The Fox Silently Entering the Poultry Yard'

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Wooden framed lithograph with inner set gilt detailing. The artists was T. M. Bayne, it was printed by C. Hullmandel and published by Ackermann & Co. This item was part of a series of 36 which were hung in the wards of the (Royal) Adelaide Hospital, of the original 36 there is one other in the Heritage Office Collection (AR#1704) .The lithograph is titled 'The Fox Silently Entering the Poultry Yard'. Below the title is written a verse:

"At length he came to the Farmer's yard,
The ducks and geese were all afraid;
the very best goose shall grease my beard,
Before I leave the Town."

On the back of the frame is written "1. 1 Feb. 1836". The print is dated with 1 February 1836, the date when they were first published.

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United Kingdom

Medium and Materials

Wood, glass, paper, ink


L 40cm x W 34cm x D 4cm.

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All rights reserved

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