Book: Dental Hygiene; W. K. Thomas & Co.; 1919; AR#4147


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Book: Dental Hygiene

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Dental Hygiene: or, Dental Ease versus Dental Disease: A Popular Brochure on Eight Important Subjects pertaining to Dental Surgery. Author Herbert Hayes-Norman D.D.S.
Reprint from 'The Register Sept 13,1919. Dr. Hayes-Norman discusses eight of the most important subjects of dentistry and focuses on the advent of preventative measures of dental disease. The brochure was intended to assist the public with the best methods for treatment and handling of dental decay'.

Herbert Hayes-Norman was the son of Robert Norman, the first Surgeon-Dentist of South Australia. Printed by W. K. Thomas & Co. Printers, Grenfell Street, Adelaide, Australia


W. K. Thomas & Co.

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Adelaide, Australia

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W. K. Thomas & Co. Printers, Grenfell Street, Adelaide

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Paper, card

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Herbert Hayes-Norman

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Book / Booklet

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