Interior: No. 1 Operating Theatre; Adelaide Hospital; 1891; AR#300


Health Museum of South Australia


Interior: No. 1 Operating Theatre

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The new (Royal) Adelaide Hospital theatre block was opened on 4 February 1891. A description of the new block, written just before it opened, states:

"The fittings of the building, though plain, are of the most solid and substantial character. The theatre itself is cemented, floor tiled, and ample light provided all round. Rows of seats are raised in two semicircles for students and medical visitors, and every appliance is to be found for operating to the best advantage. The operating table is the best of its kind. Connected with the theatre are surgeons', students', waiting and anaesthetic rooms, provided with all the necessary appliances and fittings. In addition to the theatre itself and the adjoining rooms there are two very large and lofty wards with tiled floors and walls tiled from floor to ceiling, containing six beds each, for receiving patients after operation until they are fit to remove to the general wards. It may fairly be stated that the building is one of the most complete operating blocks in the world."

Place Made

Adelaide, Australia


Adelaide Hospital

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Medium and Materials

Photograph, glass, cardboard, frame

Inscription and Marks

"No. 1 Operating Theatre 1891""Adelaide Hospital Operating Theatre No. 535 Scott Barry Photo Adelaide"


27 x 23.5 x 1.2 cm


Operating Room Services

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All rights reserved

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