Wesley Tea Pot; Wedgewood; c.1908; WHM_2014_0064


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Wesley Tea Pot

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In 1761, Josiah Wedgewood crafted a tea pot for Rev John Wesley, one of the founders of the Methodist Movement. It was able to contain a gallon of tea.

The original is preserved in John Wesley’s house on Chapel Road, London. Its design is said to have been copied from Wedgwood’s wife’s apron and is called “Calico” or “Wesley Wedgwood”.

This replica, which was made by the Wedgewood factory for the North Staffordshire Mission c. 1908 still bears marks of hard use.



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Medium and Materials

White china with blue pattern

Inscription and Marks

Be present at our Table Lord
Be here and everywhere adored
These creatures blefs and grant that we
May feast in Paradice with thee

We thank thee Lord for this our food
But more because of Jesuf's blood
Let manna to our Souls be given
The bread of Life sent down from Heaven



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Tea Pot

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