School Crest- College jacket; c.1950; 173.5


Marist College North Shore


School Crest- College jacket

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Embroidered college crest cut from college jacket. Owned by Geoffrey Valentine Michael White who attended Marist College North Shore in the 1950s.

"These were proudly owned by our late brother Geoffrey Valentine Michael White who attended Marist Brothers North Sydney in the 1950's whilst the family resided in Cammeray, prior to relocating to Chatswood where Geoffrey together with his two brothers, completed schooling at St Pius X College. His three sisters attended Mercy College Chatswood and Monte Saint' Angelo Mercy College North Sydney.

Geoffrey went on to a career within the commercial and industrial electronics sector with a focus on design and construction. Later he studied horticulture and specialised in the plants and trees of northern Australia. He enjoyed a fulfilling life and there is no doubt that his time at Marist College in those formative ears provided the firm base that he later built on.'

Written by donor Major Roderick D White AM RFD (Retd)

Date Made


Series Title

173- Objects

Medium and Materials

wool and cotton


11 x 9cm
8 x 9.2cm

Credit Line

Donated by Major Roderick D White AM RFD (Retd)

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All rights reserved

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