Letter; Dorothy Barnby, Rosalie Bray; 1895; MUS2014.2.52


Tweed Regional Museum



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Letter, handwritten on paper. The letter is addressed to Frank (John Francis Russell Bray). The letter was sent by Dolly, Mother (Dorothy Frances Bray, Rosalie Gertrude Bray). Dorothy Frances Bray is Frank's Sister, Rosalie Gertrude Bray is Frank's Mother. The letter is dated 1895 Transcription: Letter 1 My dear Frank I am just going to tell you this bit of news. We wanted to get the black rouster and we caught him in the foul yard and then after that Mary went and let him go and we chased him all over the garden and after awhile he flew over a lot of trees into the river and we did’nt find him. In the evening he came up again I am just writing this for Shirley as she has not time writing to Bun & Eddie. Are you going to write to Bun? I must say good-bye from you loving sister Dolly – 1895 Bun’s address George Hotel Market Street Sydney you can enclose a letter to Bun inside one of Rexs if you like it would save 2d Letter 2 Sunday My dear Frank I was very glad to get your letter today but before I write any more I must tell you about your spelling, you should be more careful. I think it is more carelessness than not knowing for instance you spelt address first with only one S and just without a t. Father says it is all right about joining the swimming club. – I am sure dear you will do all you can to get on and make the most of your time at School. I have no time for more as the Firth’s are here - from ever loving Mother


Dorothy Barnby

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Rosalie Bray

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Donated by Carolyn Barnby, 2014

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