Letter; Percy Bray, Winifred Bray; 24 Feb 1895; MUS2014.2.5


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Letter, handwritten on paper with envelope. The letter is addressed to Frank Bray (John Francis Russell Bray), at Unknown. The letter was sent by Percy/Winifred Gertrude (Percy Vaughan Russell Bray, Winifred Anna Gertrude Bray) from Kynnumboon. Percy Vaughan Russell Bray is Frank Bray's Brother, Winifred Anna Gertrude Bray is Frank Bray's Sister. The letter is dated 24/2/1895 Transcription: Kynnumboon Feb 24th 1895 Sunday My dear Frank How are you getting on. All the Firths came here today. I got your letter alright. We gave Cyril a laming and Guy went for him too and h gave him a laming he nocked him out in a couple of rounds. My word you have enough school. Look here there has been about 2 dozen fights lately at school lately Paul had two fights with Aked and beat him; I went for Cunningwon and F Hartigan at the same time; Claude took Charlie C on first and Dan Con after him and beat them I went for Blair and Dan Con together but they were too good for me. And I am going to take it out of Blair On Monday Blair went for Wardrop and but he was beaten. Last Friday as we were having Euclid down in the shed Schoolie noticed Paul had been having a fight and he asked him if there were any other fights in the last week but Paul would not tell him so he told us to wright down on our slates all the fights and the winners we had to wright them all down and he took the slate which had the most on and kept it he said we were going to "cop out" on Monday at Dinner time we arranged that Claude was to fight Wardrop but they did not take any notice of him. So we went down at the back of the Shed and they had a fight after the first two rounds there was a cry "here comes Callie" "we scooted"; Wardrop had his boots off to fight and he was pulling them on and Schoolie coped him & He said he was going to punish us but not him because he stayed. Did you know that Fred Clarke has left? He has a School to himself at Burringbah and a Lady came in his place she is an assistant and can use the cane. She teaches first class. Frank Smith is coming to school now Claude bought the letter you wrote him to School and he let me read it is not that a patent way they cane (othere?) I ride the foul for the mail on Sundays I go for a bath every morning now. It is getting pretty late now and I must go to milk besides there is not any more news. So goodbye. Percy has just gone for a bathe with Mr George (Firth?) (as old?) red rooster, Sam & Mr Chute so I will finish his letter for him Winifred Gertrude Bray Oh Sam has a beard!!! I heard from Bun today. I will keep the letter & show it to you when I see you. Have you been out to the Abbots yet. Father got the trap mended on Thursday. I am writing to Bun today so it is not much of a letter I am writing you. I rode to the Tamarinds yesterday. I was late leaving & came home at a hand gallop the whole way & I had not to hit Pearl the whole way, she did not turn dog on me but got me home in twenty minutes. You write very nice letters Frank & I we are always glad to hear from you old fellow. I hope you win something in the swimming sports. You ought to. Doll has got your raft up. What clothes did you put on when you saw Bun off. The old dog got another song called "Half mast high" she got it like the others from Brisbane. I will write Rex's address again to make sure. R.N. Bray Esq. C/o Messrs Bennet & Speechly 66 & 68 Sussex Street Sydney. Mr Chute gave Ethel that dog of his "Mat" & she has just asked Shirley if she has seen "her little dorg" she did not know it was her own name did she. I have told Shirley that she must write something on the back of Mother's letter, but Dolly will instead. Mr Brooks got married last Wednesday to a Miss Patrick a Sydney girl. Farewell for I must leave you do not let the parting grieve you.


Percy Bray

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Winifred Bray

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24 Feb 1895

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Donated by Carolyn Barnby, 2014

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