Letter; Rosalie Bray, Florrie Bray; 03 Nov 1895; MUS2014.2.45


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Letter, three letters in one envelope, handwritten on paper. The letter is addressed to Frank (John Francis Russell Bray); Boys Grammar School Brisbane. The letter was sent by Mother, Florrie, Secretary Ma Ma Creek Football Club (Rosalie Gertrude Bray, Florence Mary Bray, Ma Ma Creek Football Club) from Kynnumboon. Rosalie Gertrude Bray is Frank's Mother, Florence Mary Bray is Frank's Sister. The letter is dated 21/11/----, 3/11/1895, 20/5/1902 Transcription: Kynnumboom 21 Nov 1897 [page torn probably 1897 after Winnie died (1896)] My dearest Frank It seems a dreary time since we heard and I need not tell you how you and dear old Ted will be missed in the home circle this Christmas coming. I shall be glad when Xtime is over the memories of that time will always be so sad now – it can never be the same now – but after all we must all go sooner or later. This is only a tempory home and please God we will all meet in that happy land where Winnie is waiting for us – I longed for you & Ted on Sunday – her birthday – we went to H.C. and then went on to her grave with white flowers – the African bulbs are growing well there & the roses I planted. We had Ted & Nina & Lily & her husband down to dinner yesterday. Lily is very friendly & cordial – he seems such a quiet shy man. Amy is here this week as Nina is rather full poor old Nina she has her hands full. Marjorie is getting so tall and looks strong and well. She is nearly as tall as I am and she is growing so like Winnie. Mrs Forbes is coming back to the river to live. the (?) travels with an insurance co. Mr Street has got notice to turn out of the house – he lives in that house [corner torn ?] the hill. I went to see Mrs Street the other (day?) She has a little daughter – poor old Mrs Ewing has whooping cough. She caught it from the Popes children – she is not very bad though measles are very bad in the town the (?) is getting the school closed till after Christmas & told Father not to send Clive – you can get it twice. Bun will be up soon and Belle Fieldhouse is coming with him & Mollie and Willie Roe are coming after Christmas and perhaps Harold Lethbridge so we will be a large party at Christmas – how I wish you and Ted could be here – I am wondering where you will be and what you will be doing. I do hope you have not been having more of that dreadful fever. I can’t bear to think of you having it. Goodbye my own dear boy With much love from your loving Mother. Passy Hunter’s Hill Nov 2nd 1895 My dear Frank I was so glad to get your letter. I am sending you some stamps Aunty gave me I dont know if they are good ones or not. You can have that picture of the house but had better not take anything else without writing and asking me as I really forget what I left behind and there might be something I want. I am having a very nice time here. We went to a lovely concert last night & in the afternoon we drove out to see the Henry Brays. Henry Bray is Father’s first cousin. His sister Mary Bray lives there too. She is completely crippled by rhumatism & has been since she was a girl. Her hair is snow white. She is so pretty though. She is old & is so nice. I went out last Saturday to the Fieldhouses and stayed all night. They all seem very nice Lottie is just the same. One day Auntie & I went on board the Sobraon the big training ship boy for boys. That boy that Toohill had that time & chased round the kitchen at Kynnunboon came from there. It is such a big place ever so many decks. They all sleep in hammocks. These are tied up in the day time. Two boys had to sling their hammocks and get into them to show us. There is a great big deck for the dining room & all the tables are slung up to the ceiling when they are not using them to get them out of the way. We saw them having School and drilling & doing gymnastics. They have a band all boys playing & they sang to us, glees, you know. There were about 400 boys. The master of captain & his wife & little girl live on board. They have a drawing room just like one on shore. We went there for afternoon tea. The ship is stationary & is just off Cockatoo Island so that the boys could not escape. I am glad you are learning that waltz. Mind you learn all the music you can. I hope you got on well in the sports. Tell me about it when you write. I will look out for newspapers but dont think I am at all likely to get any. It is not likely that I will be home for Xmas. I cant hear of any place yet. I dont know what I will be doing exactly. I will say goodbye now dear Frank from Your loving sister Florrie May 20 1902 Dear Sir I am sending you the returns of the match we played at foresthill last Saturday a trie being scored by G Foster leaving a win for Ma Ma Creek three points to nil. I am sending you three more names to be registered Marten Poroy John Philippe and Sam Poole this saving me another stamp Secertry of Ma Ma Creek Football Club


Rosalie Bray

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Florrie Bray

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03 Nov 1895

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Donated by Carolyn Barnby, 2014

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