Letter; Dorothy Barnby, Percy Bray; 07 Apr 1895; MUS2014.2.40


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Letter, handwritten on paper. The letter is addressed to Frank (John Francis Russell Bray). The letter was sent by Percy & Dolly (Percy Vaughan Russell Bray, Dorothy Francis Bray) from Kynnumboon. Percy Vaughan Russell Bray is Frank's Brother, Dorothy Francis Bray is Frank's Sister. The letter is dated 7/4/1895 Transcription: LETTER ONE Kynnumboon April 7th 1895 My dear Frank I got your letter on Thursday. My word you know Frank Davies he has a pair of Boxing gloves) we will have some fun when you come home. I asked Frank and Col Davies over on monday and Claude and I and them had a game of Cricket and after that we went for a bogie we can play tennis now the date plumbs are nearly all gone now. Yesterday Shirley, Dolly, Winnie and I went over to Aunties we drove in the cart we were up till 8 o’clock and I did the front and Dolly milked and we drove prince in the spring cart when we were starting we could not get him to move frontways he would only back and my word we made him go afterwads when we got over there it was just before dinner and Claude and waited till afterwads and had a feed of Guavers we went over to get guavers, and after dinner Guy came home Gillies always has a half holiday on Saturdays And we had to come home early so we picked the Guavers and then we all had a game of Cricket Dolly and I picked Guy & Shirley and I picked Claude and Paul, and Claude had to go down town so he came in the Cart with us my word we did spin down the hills. Oh that about Guy father told him to come down to Schoolie so he came Schoolie did not do anything to him he said it was disrespect not coming down before and said he did not know that he came on Friday before School On the Saturday before last there was a Cricket match played between Murwillumbah boys and Tumbulgum they beat us by three runs Guy did not play because he had left School My word you will have some fun at Stradbrook Island at Easter there was Church in the morning today Father and Mother went and Ethel and Florrie. Clive is sleeping with me now, he keeps me warm father is going to ride Green Mantle to the Brunswick tomorrow and Guy is coming back in the Easter holidays. Auntie Lindsey and Ivey are going down to Warana and Ivy is going to come home here and Claude and Paul will be left to keep house it is pretty late and I must go to milk and besides there is no more knews to tell so goodbye from your aff brother Percy P.S. mind answer this letter and write me two sheets and put some news in it LETTER TWO Sunday evening Kynnumboon April 7th 95 My dear Frank I forgot all about writing to you; in fact I had no time. How are you getting on? Do you ever play tig? Percy took the bat over to get bound, but the man (I forget who he was) said that it would want a mechine to bind it, so we play very carefully with it. But it we hardly ever play with it cricket now; but we play tenis, it is a great game when you know it. Shirley & I & Percy have a game nearly every evening if Florrie & Ethel are not playing. We know how to count now quite well now and; play pretty well to; not very well you know but pretty well. San jauhchin is very quiet now to what he is. You know Bob, Prince, Larch, and San jauhcin are in Peter’s paddock now, and every day after I have practised I have to take the horses up for a drink and then (?) I have no more news to say. I thought Percy had left two pages or else I would have written more excuse this. P.S. Father is going to turn San out is it not two bad oh! In the plain. Dolly (tig?)


Dorothy Barnby

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Percy Bray

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07 Apr 1895

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Donated by Carolyn Barnby, 2014

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