Letter; Dorothy Barnby, Rosalie Bray; 12 May 1895; MUS2014.2.32


Tweed Regional Museum



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Letter, handwritten on paper. The letter is addressed to Frank (John Francis Russell Bray). The letter was sent by Dolly/note from Mother (Dorothy Frances Bray, Rosalie Gertrude Bray) from Kynnumboon. Dorothy Frances Bray is Frank's Sister, Rosalie Gertrude his mother. The letter is dated 12/5/1895 Transcription: Kynnumboon May 12th 1895 My dear Frank (?) I got your letter today and I am going to answer it now as Ethel is go writing. Why did you say that I wrote you such a small letter for? I write a large wone just as big as Shirley. Mrs Davey & Mrs Pain (a lady she knows) are staying here, they came on Thursday I can ride San jauhcin with a skirt now he is quiet. How do you like French eh! Is it not horrible eh! We are going to church this evening I went this morning too. Is Claude Row a nice boy? You did address that letter well of yours to Shirley (today) Shirley was in a scot with you for writing me a longer letter than her. Do you often go it to church now? Is there any evening service? eh! Guy comes over just the same. We hardly ... ever have a game of cricket now. Oh! Percy is (?) terrible to get up in the morning I take nearly half an hour to wake him up and he is lasy he learns Latin just the same. We hardly ever have holidays you know because there is no occasion to. Those boys always seam to be having a row when you write dont they? It is getting rather late now and I will have to say good bye soon. You know I have hardly any time to I was just getting fixed just now when my pen sliped and blotted all the paper it is a good thing it never went over the paper. I must say good bye now from your loving sister NOT TIG NOT TIG realy realy Dool Dolly D not tig My dear Frank You had better get another pair of sand shoes if you have worn the others out. I am so glad you enjoyed yourself at sport it will not be very long now till the holidays from loving Mother


Dorothy Barnby

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Rosalie Bray

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12 May 1895

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Donated by Carolyn Barnby, 2014

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Attribution - Non-commercial - Share Alike (cc) Attribution - Non-commercial - Share Alike (cc)

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