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Photograph, Shipyard scene during construction of "Brinawarr" in 1888. Handwritten on back: "Mr. McGregor (Tweed, Tyalgum), Mr. Hawker Jnr (7 children lived on Tweed), Mr. Hawker Snr built Coolangatta vessel; Mr. Johnson. 1888



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Robert Longhurst 27 Sep 2018 15:48 PM,UTC

The written caption on this photograph is definitely confusing. The Brinawarr, a small 119 ton wooden single screw steamer, was built at Coolangatta on the Berry Estate on the Shoalhaven, near Nowra, and launched in 1890. She foundered in the Pioneer River at Mackay during a severe cyclone which struck North Queensland in January 1918. According to the Brisbane Courier of 26 January 1918, the Brinawarr was then owned by the Adelaide Steamship Company, and "was built in 1890 by J. Hawkinson at Coolangatta (N.S.W.)" As for the schooner "Coolangatta", wrecked near Kirra in 1846, she had been built on the Shoalhaven and named after Alexander Berry's estate. T
There is exhaustive documentation on this wreck in a subsequent trial in 1847, disputing the terms of the vessel's insurance policy. The Sydney Chronicle of 29 May 1847 refers to a "Mr. Brinksell" as the builder of the "Coolangatta".

Erika 30 Jun 2014 21:59 PM,UTC

Thanks for the comment Mori. I have updated the name of the vessel in our records. As for the shipbuilder I can find a few references for "Hawker" and "Hawkins", do you have a reference for "Hawkson"? Cheers Erika

Mori Flapan 30 Jun 2014 13:18 PM,UTC

This vessel is the Brinawarr built by John Hawkson at Coolangatta and launched in 1890.

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