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Scottish Curling Team in Canada

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This is a picture of the Scottish Curling Team which toured around the USA and Canada in 1902/03. The picture was taken in Winnipeg.

Also attached to this picture is Rev. John Kerr's Letter to the Editor of the Globe which he wrote after the Tourists were criticised from the pulpit by Rev. Dr Milligan, for visiting Niagara Falls on a Sunday. The Scottish curlers did not curl on Sunday, but had merely visited the well-known tourist site. Many Torontonians and others were embarrassed by this criticism and the fact that it was directed at visitors to the country.

John Kerr, on his return to Toronto, chose to respond to the criticism through a letter to the editor of The Globe. The cleverly worded letter shows Kerr's more relaxed attitude as he suggests that the Rev. Dr. Milligan show more tolerance. It is coincidental that the incident took place on Robbie Burns Day, January 25th. Burns would very likely have sided with the Scots who enjoyed their relaxing visit to the Falls.

(Extract taken from The History of Curling in Canada)

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