Fast Eddie's Place Ivan's Pub Jacket; Aristo Jac by Hilton; late 1970s; 2013.3.1


Anna Maria Island Museum and Historical Park


Fast Eddie's Place Ivan's Pub Jacket

About this object

Jacket from the original Fast Eddies. Story from the donor:
"In 1977, Fast Eddie started “Fast Eddie’s Sunday Seafood Bash” on the north end of Anna Maria Island, on the west end of Pine Avenue right next to the Sandbar Restaurant. We served smoked mullet, stone crab claws, loud 70’s rock-n-roll music and free beer for $5.00 a plate. This became so big the city claimed we were running this “bash” illegally and had to establish a real restaurant. This is when Fast Eddie’s Place was born! Ed had a friend who owned the marina and ship store at the south end of Bay Boulevard where Galati’s Yacht Sales is now. They formed a partnership and became Fast Eddie’s and Ivan’s Pub. This sport jacket was the first of its kind to bear the original logo! It is very rare and was worn by Fast Eddie when it got a little colder in 1977 and still has some minor cooking marks from those famous 1/3 lb. Fast Eddie’s Bad Burgers, “1/3 pound of pure horror!”"


Aristo Jac by Hilton

Maker Role


Date Made

late 1970s

Place Made

Anna Maria Island

Medium and Materials

nylon, acetate

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Subject and Association Keywords

food service

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All rights reserved


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