Swimsuit, ladies, black/green wool; c. 1924; 96.40.1-2


North Sydney Heritage Centre, Stanton Library


Swimsuit, ladies, black/green wool

About this object

Swimsuit, ladies' two piece, black wool, commercially-made machine-knitted. Tunic top has rounded neckline with applied green woollen trim and short sleeves with two green woollen stripes on edge of each sleeve. Sateen facing to shoulder opening with three black buttons/buttonholes at left shoulder opening. Two green woollen stripes at base of top. Wide vertical rib knitted waist. Knee length knickers to match with two green woollen stripes around knees. Drawstring waist with faded black cotton drawstring.

Surf bathing has been a popular Australian recreation since the earliest colonial days. By the early 1900s, legal and moral codes decreed that swimwear should cover the body from neck to knee. During the 1920s and 30s, popular ideas about the health benefits of exercise and the fashion for sunbathing meant that swimsuits gradually became more revealing. This tunic top worn over knee length knickers covers much of the body, and is dark-coloured for decency. Wool fitted the body more closely than earlier voluminous material, but it had a tendency to shrink or bag when wet. This swimsuit seems particularly modest for the time, when finer material, lower necklines and shorter legs were fashionable.

Date Made

c. 1924

Medium and Materials

wool, sateen


Tunic: approx. L 685 mm; Knickers: approx. L 533 mm

Subject and Association Description

Costume and accessories


Don Bank Museum collection

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