Paint boxes, metal; Winsor & Newton; [1920-1940]; 989.1.2


North Sydney Heritage Centre, Stanton Library


Paint boxes, metal

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Paint boxes, three, black metal: one small containing tubes of oil paint, one large with palette, one canister containing pens and paintbrushes.

The English firm Winsor & Newton of Kensington was established in 1832 as a manufacturer of high quality oil paints. The brand was used by JMW Turner, among other prominent artists, and received the Royal Warrant ‘by appointment to HRH the Prince of Wales’ in 1841. This paint box contains a mix of Winsor & Newton’s ‘Artist’s Oil Colour’ and ‘Student Oil Colour’ branded paints. The less expensive ‘Student’ paints were introduced by the firm in the 1930s in response to the Depression. They proved popular with professional and amateur artists alike. This paint set, with palette and brushes, was donated by Mrs Winston of Cremorne, and used by the donor’s aunt, also of Cremorne. The initials ‘HA’ are scratched into several of the paint brushes.


Winsor & Newton

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