Ibach, Rudolph; ca. 1933; CIM-007


Collection of Musical Instruments, Conservatory of Aveiro (Portugal)

About this object

[en] Founded in 1795, the Ibach firm claims to be ‘the oldest surviving independent piano manufacturer in the world’ (1). They ‘developed a reputation for building both high-quality and medium-class instruments’ (1), and often had the colaboration of architects to design their cases.
Like CIM-003, CIM-004, CIM-005, and CIM-006, this instrument has a straighforward shape, based mostly on straigh lines. The legs are straight, with a tapering square section. The panel in the upper front cover, however, has a slightly more elaborate shape.
[pt] Fundada em 1795, a firma Ibach afirma ser ‘o fabricante independente de pianos mais antigo do mundo que ainda sobrevive’. Esta firma ‘adquiriu a reputação de construir instrumentos que qualidade elevada e média’ (1), recorrendo frequentemente à colaboração de arquitectos para projectar as caixas dos seus instrumentos.
Tal como os pianos CIM-003, CIM-004, CIM-005 e CIM-006, também este tem uma forma simples, com linhas essencialmente rectas. As pernas são rectas, de secção quadrada, diminuindo de largura para a parte inferior. O painel na tampa frontal superior, contudo, tem uma forma algo mais elaborada.
[references] (1) Cranmer, Margaret: ‘Ibach’. Grove Music Online.


Ibach, Rudolph

Maker Role

maker / construtor

Date Made

ca. 1933

Place Made

Schwelm (Westfalen; Germany / Alemanha)


Scale: 347 mm.
Width: 1549 mm.
Depth: 677 mm.
Height (with wheels): 1287 mm.
Heigth (box only): 1242 mm.

Object Type

Upright piano

Object number


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