Blüthner, Julius; ca. 1905; CIM-002


Collection of Musical Instruments, Conservatory of Aveiro (Portugal)

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[en] This is the earliest of a group of three upright pianos of essentially identical action and design, and differing mostly in the style of the case. This particular model has simple front panels and curved legs, in a shape reminiscent of art noveau shapes. The dampers are located over the hammers, very close to the upper end of the vibrating section of the string.
[pt] Este é o mais antigo de um grupo de três pianos verticais com mecânicas e estruturas virtualmente idênticas, diferindo essencialmente no estilo do móvel. Este modelo concreto tem painéis simples e pernas curvilíneas, reminiscentes das formas características da Arte Nova. Os amortecedores estão colocados acima dos martelos, muito próximos do limite superior da parte vibrante das cordas.


Blüthner, Julius

Maker Role

maker / construtor

Date Made

ca. 1905

Place Made

Leipzig (Germany / Alemanha)


Scale: 385 mm.
Width: 1565 mm.
Depth (with recessed back carrying handles): 703 mm.
Depth (without back carrying hanles): 680 (L); 674 (R)
Height (with wheels): 1289 mm (L); 1295 mm (R).
Heigth (box only): 1257 mm.

Object Type

Upright piano

Object number


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