Hardt, Carl; ca. 1904; CIM-001


Collection of Musical Instruments, Conservatory of Aveiro (Portugal)

About this object

[en] Very little is known about this maker, whose production appears to be small. The box is veneered in light brown wood, with floral marquetry on the middle panel of the upper front cover. The panel on the lower front cover is missing.
[pt] Pouco se sabe sobre este construtor, cuja produção parece ter sido pequena. A caixa é folheada a madeira de côr castanho claro, com um motivo floral em marchetaria no painel central da tampa frontal superior. Falta o painel da tampa central inferior.


Hardt, Carl

Maker Role

maker / construtor

Date Made

ca. 1904

Place Made

Stuttgart (Germany / Alemanha)


Scale: 380 mm.
Width: 1485 mm.
Depth: 660 mm.
Height (with wheels): 1294 mm (L); 1284 mm (R).
Heigth (box only): 1245 mm.

Object Type

Upright piano

Object number


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