Silver denarius, Roman; 32-31 BC; Minted while traveling; AR1-2B


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Silver denarius, Roman

About this object

Silver Denarius
Marcus Antonius
Minted while traveling
Diameter: 16mm
Die Axis: 12 o'clock
Obverse: Galley facing right. Inscr.: ANT.AVG.III.VIR.R.P.C
Reverse: Eagle between two standards, border of dots. Inscr.: LEG XI
Condition: somewhat worn, slightly off-struck

Date Made

32-31 BC


Marcus Antonius

Place Made

Minted while traveling

Subject and Association Keywords

Marcus Antonius

Subject and Association Keywords

11th Legion

Subject and Association Description

Marcus Antonius
11th Legion

Medium and Materials

Silver alloy

Style and Iconography

Prow of ship (obverse)

Style and Iconography

Eagle between two standards (reverse)




16mm (diameter)

Object Type


Object number


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