Mimicry, Mimétisme; Rémy Perrier and Casimir Cépède; 1912; WC-PCZ3/1-2013


Randolph College Department of Biology Natural History Collections


Mimicry, Mimétisme


Rémy Perrier and Casimir Cépède

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This wall chart is part of a series created by French biologists Rémy Perrier and Casimir Cépède. Unlike the Jung-Konch-Quentell charts, the creators commissioned different artist to render the images, citing the illustrator's name at the bottom left of the chart. Mimétisme depicts stick insects mimicking foliage, an evolutionary survival tactic to hide from predators. Larger in format and notably duller in color, this chart also differs from the German series in that it includes numbers to identify various species as well as indicating gender.

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