Storage Container "HB #3" - Bedroom Items; 014.0218.0012


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Storage Container "HB #3" - Bedroom Items

About this object

A collection of bedroom items consisting of 12 items: Face Massager, Doctor Bag, Stud/Cuff-link Holder, Ladies Compact, Shoe Stretcher, Alarm Clock, Light Fixture
Cuff-links/Studs, Night Gown, Elegant Dress, Shoe Bag, and Shoe Brush.

Medium and Materials

Ceramic, cloth, metal, plastic and leather


1) Electric Face Massager

Width: 19 cm
Height: 10.2 cm
Length: 29.2 cm

2) Doctor Bag

Width: 12 cm
Height: 19 cm
Length: 34.3 cm

3) Cuff-link/Stud Holder

Width: 17.8 cm
Height: 26.3 cm
Length: 18.7 cm

4) Ladies Compact

Width: 6.3 cm
Height: 0.3 cm
Length: 6.3 cm

5) Shoe Stretcher

Width: 4.4 cm
Height: 2.5 cm
Length: 29.9 cm

6) Alarm Clock

Width: 5.1 cm
Height: 12 cm
Length: 12 cm

7) Light Fixture


8) Cuff-link / Studs

Width: 1.3 cm
Height: 0.6 cm
Length: 2.5 cm

9) Silk Night Gown

Width: 29.2 cm
Height: 1.3 cm
Length: 27.9 cm

10) Elegant Black Dress

Width: 29.2 cm
Height: 6.3 cm
Length: 24.1 cm

11) Shoe Bag

Width: 25.4 cm
Height: 0.6 cm
Length: 17.8 cm

12) Shoe Brush

Width: 4.4 cm
Height: 4.4 cm
Length: 12.7 cm

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