Curling Iron Set; 014.0109.0005


Pender Islands Museum


Curling Iron Set

About this object

This is a collection of curling irons. Ladies curled their hair with these irons heated on the kitchen stove. Note the charred wood on the handle. Some of them have handles that can fold.

Medium and Materials

Metal and wood


1. Folding Iron (Small)

Width: 1.3 cm
Height: 6.3 cm
Length: 22.9 cm

2. Straight Iron

Width: 1.3 cm
Height: 6.3 cm
Length: 19.7 cm

3. Folding Iron (Large)

Width: 1.6 cm
Height: 3.8 cm
Length: 24.1 cm

4. Crimp Iron

Width: 1.6 cm
Height: 5.4 cm
Length: 22.2 cm

5. Full Iron Straightener

Width: 0.9 cm
Height: 38.1 cm
Length: 25. cm

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