Great Linford Village Hall, Milton Keynes - Architect's plans and drawings; Seed...


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Great Linford Village Hall, Milton Keynes - Architect's plans and drawings

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14 loose pages of architect's plans and drawings for Great Linford Village Hall on a different site (on the High Street opposite the Manor) to the one eventually used


Seed, John, Mr

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A2(4), A3(6) and A4(1); 1 x 590x595; 1 x 420x300; 1 x 430x225, 1 x 566x506

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Seed, John, Mr

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Walker, Derek, Mr

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United Kingdom, England, Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes, Great Linford

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Milton Keynes Development Corporation


John Seed Collection

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On loan from the family of John Seed

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All rights reserved

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