Five (5) photographs of the old and new Cleveland Lighthouses; P00002




Five (5) photographs of the old and new Cleveland Lighthouses

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Five (5) photographs of the old and new Cleveland Lighthouses.
Cleveland Point Light, also known as Point Cleveland Light, is a lighthouse located on the north-eastern tip of Cleveland Point, at Cleveland, Redland City, Queensland, Australia. It overlooks Moreton Bay to the east and Raby Bay to the west. The old lighthouse was established in 1864-1865 as a wooden hexagonal tower. It is one of only two surviving lighthouses of this form, the other being Old Burnett Heads Light. A newer light, constructed of a concrete post, replaced it in 1976, and the old lighthouse was relocated a short distance away, where it stands today. The newer light was removed in 2009.
An early 1847 private beacon was replaced by a temporary government light in 1864, and then the permanent tower in 1865. The lens was upgraded twice, in 1874 and 1879. In 1934 the lighthouse was converted to electricity, and remained so until 1976 when it was deactivated and replaced by a concrete pile light constructed just 3 metres (9.8 ft) away. The original tower was moved away in 1976 and restored in 1987.
While timber frame and cladding construction is typical for the area and period, both the hexagonal form and the weatherboard cladding are unique. The tower is surmounted with a red painted lantern room and an hexagonal gallery. Both towers were easily accessible. The newer tower consisted of concrete posts supported by two vertical concrete bars. The old tower is easily accessible to the public as was the newer one, but entering is not allowed.
P2.1: Full size photograph of the old 1865 lighthouse taken ca 1900.
P2.2: Photograph of the old lighthouse taken ca 1970 with a young man and woman plus a baby walking in front of the structure. The two cars in the photograph parked next to the lighthouse are a 1968/9 Austin 1800, and a 1965/6 Holden.
P2.3 & P2.4: Photograph of a heavy crane being used to move the old lighthouse in 1976.
P2.5: Photograph of both the old and new lighthouses in 1976.

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Cleveland, Queensland

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black and white print

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Photographic Card (Paper) attached permanently to cardboard

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P2.1: Title "Old Lighthouse Cleveland"
P2.2: Title "Old Lighthouse Cleveland Pt."
P2.3 & 4: Title "Old Lighthouse being shifted 1976"
P2.5: Title "1976 - Old and New Lighthouses of Cleveland"


P2.1: 406 x 503 mm
P2.2: 197 x 246 mm
P2.3: 287 x 366 mm
P2.4: 286 x 367 mm
P2.5: 197 x 245 mm

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Donated by Mr/Mrs Krause

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