Three (3) Photographs of Arrowroot Mill and staff at Redland Bay; 1926; P00302




Three (3) Photographs of Arrowroot Mill and staff at Redland Bay

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These photographs portray the workers at the Arrowroot Mill located near the Marina at Redland Bay in 1926. Arrowroot was planted in the spring and harvested in the winter. The crushing season lasted three to four months.
After harvesting, the drying process took about five days. During this time care had to be taken to ensure that the arroworoot flour was not moistened by the rain or night dew. The trays were stacked and covered at the slightest sign of moisture.
P302.1 - Photograph of Arrowroot Mill staff at Redland Bay; Jack Knight, the Manager is at the far right.
P302.2 - View of the outside of the Arrowroot Mill with Jack Knight, the Manager (left), and E Gould, a labourer (right).
P302.3 - Arrowroot Mill Drying Racks near the Marina.

Arrowroot is an edible plant that is closely related to the ornamental Cannas, except that it develops large tuberous rhizomes and has small orange flowers. It has been domesticated in the Andean region, and is now a popular root crop right through South America. About 100 years ago (late 1800's and early 1900's), this formed the basis of an industry in Queensland. It was grown for its thick rhizome, which yields about 80 per cent starch. It's really digestible for convalescents and for children. Arrowroot is mostly composed of carbohydrates. Other nutrients are in insignificant amounts. It has a slightly bland, nutty flavour, like a starchy flour. As a flour or powder, arrowroot is mostly used to thicken sauces, stews and soups, etc, but will lose its thickened effect if cooked too long. The flour is also used to make arrowroot biscuits, which are famous in Australia (but these days contain little or no actual arrowroot powder anymore).

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Redland Bay, Queensland

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black and white print

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Coreflute material


P302.1 - 234 x 140 mm
P302.2 - 323 x 169 mm
P302.3 - 232 x 139 mm

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Donated by Redland Bay Baptist Church

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