Harmonica, 'Rolmonica' w/ paper rolls; ROLMONICA MUSIC CO; 1920's; R06785




Harmonica, 'Rolmonica' w/ paper rolls

About this object

06785/1 - Item is a moulded bakelite piece with a hinged back. The front piece has two (2) half round protrusions to accept the paper rolls and has a harmonica fastened to it in the middle. Two (2) wire handles, each with a turned wooden hand piece, protrude through the half round pieces. One handle has a locking catch attached to it. The back cover, which has a moulded mouth piece, is attached to the front piece by two (2) hinges and locked to the front piece with a pivoting metal clip.
06785/2 - Items are lengths of perforated paper rolled on to a metal tube that has two (2) flat ends.
06785/3 - Item is a printed sheet of paper with instructions and illustrations on how to load the rolls into the harmonica body and how to play it.



Maker Role


Date Made


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Medium and Materials

06785/1 - Bakelite (Synthetic Materials)
Indeterminate (Woods)
Iron (Metals - Ferrous)
Indeterminate (Metals - Indeterminate)
06785/2 - Indeterminate (Paper)
Ink (Art Work Surfaces)
Iron (Metals - Ferrous)
06785/3 - Indeterminate (Paper)
Ink (Art Work Surfaces)

Inscription and Marks

06785/1 - <Engraved on harmonica (twice) > 'ROLMONICA\MADE IN GERMANY\MADE BY ROLMONICA MUSIC COMPANY'
<Moulded on rear of body > 'ROLMONICA TRADE MARK REGISTERED\TO REROLL (downward facing arrow)\PATD 11-5-25\ 5-5-26\OTHER PATENTS PENDING\TO ROLL (upward facing arrow)'
<Moulded on inside body > 'GENUINE BAKELITE'


06785/1 - 100 x 90 x 70 mm
06785/2 - 87 x 24 x 24 mm
06785/3 - 190 x 85 mm

Credit Line

Donated by Mrs. M. Manning

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All rights reserved

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