Bedspread - Double cream; c.1880s; R15252




Bedspread - Double cream

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A donation to the Redland Museum in 2013, this beautiful double bedspread is crocheted by hand in cream cotton and is 2.73m x3.34m. The pattern consists of blocks of 27cm x 27cm. The design consists of two patterns repeated throughout the bedspread. One pattern is of a cross with four arms in double chain crochet with a Tudor Rose centre, this pattern alternates with a second design featuring a star with eight points – double crochet stitch is again used with the Tudor Rose centre. The star design is repeated around the edge of the bedspread.
There are three National Emblems for England the 3 Lions which date from Richard 1, the Tudor Rose and the Flag of St. George. The Tudor Rose was the symbol of the Tudor Dynasty but continues to be a popular design still in use today.

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2740 x 3340

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Donated by Marlene Bright

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