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Thomas Rogers Drake was born in 1915 on a Plantation in South Carolina. He was a law clerk after graduating from university. During WWll he enlisted in the Navy and served in the Pacific theatre, based in Brisbane where he met and married his wife Alison.
After the war he was posted to Charleston, South Carolina, where the donor of these quilts – Elinor Drake- and her brother David were born. During other postings he kept in touch with relatives in South Carolina. The family finally retired to Point Lookout (North Stradbroke Island) when it was first opened up. The house they built was named Carolina.
On one trip back to South Carolina, Elinor’s Uncle gave her four aged quilts all hand-stitched in patterns consisting of many swatches of cotton fabric.
The two quilts in the Redland Museum’s collection are incomplete (without wadding or a back). Each consists of a meticulously assembled and stitched patchwork of unbleached cotton calico, now yellowed with age. The monochromatic patches vary in texture – some with woven stripes, some with dots and so on. They are a wonderful creation by some patient, resourceful woman – or women. They are thought to have been made by the Rogers family women, of the generation before Elinor’s grandmother and great-aunts, in South Carolina during or not long after the American Civil War – certainly no later than the end of the nineteenth century.

Date Made

late 1800's.

Place Made


Place Notes

Bennettsville (South Carolina)

Medium and Materials

Cotton (Textiles)


1750 x 1770

Credit Line

Donated by Elinor Drake

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All rights reserved

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