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The Redland Museum has an 1825 Sampler created by an 8 year old girl using hessian for a backing. The term ‘Sampler’ comes from the latin ‘exemplum’ meaning an example to be followed. The first known dated English sampler was made by Jane Bostocke in 1598 and is in the Victoria and Albert Museum. From the mid. 18th century it became common for young girls to work samplers as part of their education, of which needlework formed a major part.
In 1825 Marrion Platel aged 8, embroidered the letters of the Alphabet on our special Sampler followed by the poem:-
“See how the lilies flourish white & fair
See how the ravens fed from heaven are
Then never distrust thy God for Cloth and bread
While lilies flourish and Ravens fed”

Medium and Materials

Canvas (Textiles)

Cotton (Textiles)

Indeterminate (Woods)

Indeterminate (Metals - Indeterminate)

Inscription and Marks

<Embroidered on panel in red > 'A C E G I J L N \ T V X Z \ A C E G I K M \ O Q S U W Y & \ 1 3 5 7 9 13 \ & c e g i k m o q l \ u w y &'

<Embroidered on panel in green > 'See how the Lilies flourish white and fair \ See how the Ravens fed from Heaven are \ Then neer distrust thy God for Cloth and bread \ While lilies flourish and Ravens fed'

<Embroidered on panel > 'Marrion Platel \ Pix Aged 8 \ Years Dec 30 \ (crown symbol) 1825 (crown symbol)'


305 X 5 X 525

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Donated by Joselyn & Graeme Beardmore

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