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The Redland Museum has in the Textile collection a rare example of Fish Scale Embroidery. There are thought to be only two examples in Museums in Queensland intact, usually if a Museum does have a sample it is only a piece of one that has survived. It is very unusual for any of this type of embroidery to survive intact due to its fragile nature. The scales are made from real fish scales that have been coloured, rolled, shaped and then sewn to form the decoration on the piece they are creating, the fish scales give the work a lovely translucency.
The Museum’s Table Centre is of black velvet with a blue crocheted edge, the coloured and treated fish scales form the beautiful flowers and would have been created in the early 20th century.

Medium and Materials

Indeterminate Textile (Textiles) Rayon (Textiles) Cotton (Textiles) Fish scales (Animal/Human Remains)


550 x 350

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Donated by David Johnston

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