Motor car - Ford Model T; Ford Motor Co; c.1924; R00653




Motor car - Ford Model T

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Model T Ford motor vehicle utility. Steel chassis, four wheels, single front and rear. Elliptical spring suspension. Pneumatic rubber tyres on steel rim and spoke wheels. Front and rear steel axles. Rear wheel drive through universal box on rear axle. Cast iron engine block, four cylinders with radiator to front. Steel bonnet covers, hinged, mudguards and running board. Two domed headlights, glass fronts. Two sidelights mounted outside dashboard - oil - bullseye glass lenses. Steering column and metal spoked and bar steering wheel. Three foot pedals and handbrake lever. Body (wood) fixed to standard Ford Model T engine and chassis. Rexine covered buggy type seat with canvas/rubberised removable cover on wooden stays - fixed to wood framed glass windscreen. Spare tyre mounted behind seat, wood body - floor and upright sides, open top. Slanting side boards and metal supports. Rear flat, hinged.
Painted black front and green body with yellow lining and sign-writing.
Henry Ford produced his first famous Model T car in 1908 and by 1915 they had reached the Redlands. The Ford Model T Truck was based on this vehicle but with a heavier frame it had a carrying capacity of 1 short ton (about 0.9 tonnes). The first truck became available in the US in 1918 and it was soon exported around the world. Production of this model ended in 1927 but by then over 1.3 million had come off the production line. As assembly of the Model T did not start in Australia until 1925, one of those US trucks was purchased by Mt. Cotton farmer Ron Preston in 1924 for his general purpose farm use. The vehicle’s wooden body was built by local coachbuilder Eddie Bloomer who learnt his trade from his father Esau Bloomer. Esau, who won prizes for his blacksmith work, set up his business in Redland Bay in 1900. When donated to the Museum in its early days the truck was in atrocious condition but today after much effort, the fully restored vehicle is on display in the Museum.


Ford Motor Co

Maker Role


Date Made


Place Made

United States of America

Place Notes


Medium and Materials

Steel (Metals - Ferrous)
Indeterminate (Woods)
Leather (Animal/Human Remains)
Rubber (Synthetic Materials)
Indeterminate (Glass)

Inscription and Marks

< << All >> on radiator > 'FORD'
< << All >> on running boards > 'FORD'
<Painted on side of seat > 'E. Bloomer \ Builder \ Redland Bay'
<Painted on side of body > 'TARE 0CWT LOAD 1 TON \ B R Preston \ Mt Cotton'


4.33m x 1.83m x 2m

Credit Line

Donated by Mrs V Whitehall

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All rights reserved

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