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Baker's Cart

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Painted brown and yellow with red wheels. Wooden box body, enclosed, mounted on four wheels. Front pivoting and rear fixed wood axles. Larger rear wheels on elliptical twin opposing spring fixed to underside of cart. Smaller front wheels fixed to wood axle with single twin opposing elliptical spring mounted centrally. Wheels are steel tyres on wooden rims and spokes, with steel bosses. Wood brake pads on rear wheels linked by steel rods to foot lever. Twin bent shafts for harnessing horse with single wood swingle bar.
Body has pitched roof with two hinged lids and ventilation spaces in sides. Rear hinged door with brass handle and louvred slats. Lower hinged flap door at rear. Wood drivers seat and footboard.
The horse-drawn bread delivery cart is representative of a past way of daily life in towns and cities throughout Australia when home delivery of not only bread, but milk, clothes, ice, vegetables and meat was commonplace. In the 1920s in Cleveland George Bauhman delivered the bread and buns three times a week at a cost of 4 pence per loaf. This particular horse-drawn vehicle is the original baker’s cart driven by Stan Albrecht who supplied bread to the Cleveland community for about 30 years in the first half of the twentieth century. It provided bread baked by the Cleveland Bakery which was located in Passage Street opposite the Uniting Church. The bakery was owned by George John (G J) Walter who established this business in 1891 and supplied bread all over the Redlands. GJ was very active in the community and local government serving as Cleveland Shire Chairman from February 1913 to March 1914 and again from August 1921 to May 1930. George was still a Councillor when he passed away in February 1944 but the business continued, run by the family until the 1950s when it was sold to the Kelso family.


Ramsay, Mr GW

Medium and Materials

Indeterminate (Woods)
Steel (Metals - Ferrous)
Brass (Metals - Non-Ferrous)
Paint (Surface Treatments)

Inscription and Marks

<Painted on side of cart > 'WHOLEMEAL BREAD \ CLEVELAND BAKERY'
<Painted on rear > 'CLEVELAND \ No2'


4.27m x 1.78m x 2.14m

Credit Line

Donated by Mr GW Ramsay

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All rights reserved

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