Rail Motor, RMd74; Railway workshops; 1934; R5008




Rail Motor, RMd74

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The extension of the Brisbane railway system from Woolloongabba to Cleveland was opened for passengers on the 1st of November 1889 bringing Brisbane people to the seaside and transporting Redlands’ produce to market. With the railway came people as farms, even then, were being subdivided for housing blocks. In 1930 railmotors similar to this unique example were used regularly on the Cleveland line but unfortunately none have survived. Railmotor RM74 was made at the same time as the Cleveland railmotor in the Ipswich Railway workshops.

RM74 has its own exciting history. Built in 1934 on an AEC truck chassis and powered by a 102 hp Gardiner diesel engine, it served in North Queensland where for the last 18 years of its existence it travelled on the Normanton to Croydon line where it was known as the ‘Gulflander’. It was retired from service in 1982 and because it was in such a poor condition was donated to the Redland Museum. With the help of a Bicentennial grant and many hours of hard work, museum volunteers have restored this railmotor to its original condition and it now is a prized exhibit in the museum.


Railway workshops

Date Made


Place Made


Place Notes

Ipswich, Qld

Medium and Materials

Steel (Metals - Ferrous)

Indeterminate (Woods)

Paint (Surface Treatments)

Chrome (Metal Plating)

Inscription and Marks

<Painted on side > 'RM74'

<Cast on plaque fixed to side > 'Rail motor 74 \ A bicentennial project restored with funds provided by Queensland Government and The Commonwealth Government 27 Feb 1988'


10.6m x 2.3m x 3.3m

Credit Line

Donated by Queensland Rail

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All rights reserved

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