Rail Motor, RMd74; Railway workshops; 1934; R05008




Rail Motor, RMd74

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Elongated box shaped vehicle, steel passenger compartment painted maroon with cream stripe (external). Four single and two double doors with chrome handles. Three chrome hand rails each side. Roof is canvas on wood, painted white. Steel platform luggage rack on roof, with steel guard rails - painted black. Wooden running boards (two) each side. Originally manufactured with AEC 100 HP petrol motor, re-engined in 1942 to Gardiner 102 HP diesel.
Interior: drivers seat and lever control. Wood cover over engine compartment. Drivers seat, four double and two single seats - steel frame, black upholstery. Interior painted light green with white ceiling. Rear compartment separated by wooden partition, toilet compartment (incomplete) and door. Wood slats on steel floor and two sets of three shelves for goods. Fitted seven interior lights. Two exterior rear running lights and headlamps. Rear door from luggage/goods area - to connect with towed carriage. Two sets of steel bogies, front set having four steel wheels and rear two only. Wheels on steel springs and dampers. Fuel tank under passenger compartment. Battery case under goods compartment. Silver painted radiator on front of motor. Coupling links and hoses front and rear. 24 glass windows in wooden frames.


Railway workshops

Maker Role


Date Made


Place Made


Place Notes

Ipswich, Qld

Medium and Materials

Steel (Metals - Ferrous)
Indeterminate (Woods)
Paint (Surface Treatments)
Chrome (Metal Plating)

Inscription and Marks

<Painted on side > 'RM74'
<Cast on plaque fixed to side > 'Rail motor 74 \ A bicentennial project restored with funds provided by Queensland Government and The Commonwealth Government 27 Feb 1988'


10.6m x 2.3m x 3.3m

Credit Line

Donated by Queensland Rail

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All rights reserved

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