Anaesthestists Ampoule Kit; Various; Unknown; 1998.141


Harry Daly Museum


Anaesthestists Ampoule Kit

About this object

Anaesthetists ampoule kit containing:
- Anectine, suxamethonium chloride
- Tubocurar
- Valium, diazepam
-Prostigmin, neostigmin
- Ketalar, ketamine hydrochloride
- Stemetil, prochlorperaz mesylate
- Procaine 1%
- Syncurine, decamethonium bromide
- Phenergan, proethaz hydrochlor.
- Flaxedil, gallamine
Also containing connectors, blades and needle.
Handwriting on some pieces of foam to indicate placement of products
/1: plastic box, Nylex Made in Australia
/2 - /8: 7 x 2 ml Alloferin ampoules, brown glass, pale blue ring around neck, darker blue ring around tip, white paper label, Batch B074K81
/9: 1 x 2 ml Alloferin ampoule, brown glass, pale blue ring around neck, darker blue ring around tip, white paper label, Batch B077K91
/10: 1 x 2 ml Anectine ampoule, clear glass with black writing, pale yellow ring around tip, 399D
/11 - /16: 6 x 2 ml Tubocurar ampoules, clear glass with blue writing, 13508
/17: 1 x 2 ml Valium ampoule, brown glass, white ring around neck, red ring around tip, yellow paper label, Batch 6.76 B187K71 X
/18: 1 x 1 ml Prostigmin ampoule, brown glass with white writing, Lot 247
/19: 1 x 10 ml vial Ketalar, brown glass, pink paper label, pink metal top, AKD183
/20 - /21: 2 x 1 ml Stemetil ampoule, clear glass with red writing, yellowing liquid, yellow ring around neck, 282
/22: 1 x 2 ml Procaine ampoule, 1%, clear glass with black writing, Knoll Labs Sydney
/23: 1 x 10 cc Syncurine vial, clear glass with orange plastic top, white paper label with red and black writing, Lot 890-L
/24 - /27: 4 x 2 ml Phenergan ampoules, clear glass with black writing, 122
/28 - /30: 3 x 2 ml Flaxedil ampoules, clear glass with red writing, yellow ring around neck, 295
/31 - /35: 5 x ampoule breaking blades, 3 Roche, 1 Sandoz with hole and 1 unmarked with rounded ends
/36 - /42: 7 x connectors, A-F set with knurled ends, 1, 6B and 12 of others
/43: 1 x gold needle
/44: wooden vial of



Date Made


Medium and Materials

plastic, foam, glass, metal, gold, wood, liquid agents



Object Type

Anaesthetists Kit

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All rights reserved

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