Four photographs from 1957 - 1959; 1950s; RGGS 2015/219


Paterson Hall Heritage Museum at Rockhampton Girls Grammar School


Four photographs from 1957 - 1959

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(1) Miss Miller and Mrs chase (Deputy Matron and Matron)
(2) Back Row: Helen Marsh, Glenys Gabel,
Front row: Cavell Simpson, Jo Berglin,
(3) Sub-junior play - 'Sheriff of Nottingham' :
Back Row: Desley Houchin, Carol Adair, unknown, Leona Farmer,
Middle Row: Lorraine Argus, Colleen Semple, Jo Berglin,
Front: Ngaire Amos, Helen Marsh, Janice Fletcher, Helen Lewis
(4) Outside the library - Hazel Benn, Ngaire Amos, Elaine Allison, Pat Taylor 1959

Date Made


Place Made

Rockhampton Girls Grammar School

Medium and Materials

Photographic paper


4 X 9cm X 7cm

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Object number

RGGS 2015/219

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All rights reserved

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