Advertising fan for La Menthe/Peppermint Pastille liqueurs; Ganné, J, Oge, Eugen...


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Advertising fan for La Menthe/Peppermint Pastille liqueurs

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Folding fan – plain wooden monture.
Double paper leaf, the obverse printed with a satirical scene (an adaptation of a poster design) showing various political figures conferencing at the International Peace Conference of 1899 at the Hague. The 13 figures, shown in various states of interaction, represent the political situations in Europe at that time. On the left Wilhelm II serves a drink to the Japanese Emperor, Mutsuhito. In the foreground, the President of France converses with Tsar Nicholas II. In the middle of the table, the newly chosen Catholic Pope puts his arm around King Emmanuel III of Rome. Next to King Emmanuel III on the right is Edward VII, King of the United Kingdom, who smokes and gazes at the globe that the man on his right, Jacques Lebaudy, gazes at too. Behind those two figures is Leopold II of Belgium who is looking at an image of his ‘muse’ Cleo de Merode. Next, to the right, is Alfonso XIII, King of Spain. Lastly, below him sits ‘Uncle Sam’ with a small African American baby on his lap. The leaf is inscribed: L. Prevel d’apres OGÉ.
The reverse is printed in monochrome with promotional inscriptions and floral sprigs.

NB. A second version of the poster, published by Imprimerie Vercasson in 1913, shows an altogether different political climate with Europe on the verge of war. A ‘deluxe’ version of this fan was also published by Éventails Chambrelent.

OGI, Eugene (1861-1936)


Ganné, J

Maker Role



Oge, Eugene

Maker Role



Prevel, L

Maker Role


Date Made



Twentieth Century

Place Made



Length: 21 cm
Leaf Depth: 13. 5 cm
Leaf Span: 40 cm


The Fan Museum Trust

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The Fan Museum

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Fan (folding)

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