Advertising fan for Vin Million and Elixir Million; c.1900; LDFAN2006.83


The Fan Museum


Advertising fan for Vin Million and Elixir Million

About this object

Folding fan advertising Vin Million and Elixir Million
Monture: Wooden sticks and guards
Mount: Double paper leaf, printed in blue monochrome on both sides
Obverse: pastiche 18th century outdoor scene, of an elderly lady sitting with needlework (left) and two young lovers to her right, with the gentleman kneeling down to kiss the young lady's hand; edge of mount bound with gold trim
Reverse: advertisement for Vin Million and Elixir Million composed of array of inscriptions and a bottle and glass of Vin Million (left) and Elixir Million (right)

Date Made



Twentieth Century

Medium and Materials

Monture: wood, metal rivet
Mount: paper, monochrome printed


Total length: 24.5cm
Leaf depth: 15.5cm
Leaf span: 44.5cm


The Fan Museum Trust

Credit Line

The Fan Museum

Object Type

Fan (folding)

Object number


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All rights reserved

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