Advertising fan for Carlton Hotel and Restaurant, London; Duvelleroy, Gendrot, E...


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Advertising fan for Carlton Hotel and Restaurant, London

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Folding fan advertising Carlton Hotel & Restaurant, London.
Monture: Wood, stamped with gilt designs.
Mount: Single paper leaf.
Obverse: Art Nouveau chromolithograph signed E GENDROT. In the centre of the leaf, a medallion bordered with gold contains a female head shown in profile; stylized white lilies in the reserves.
Reverse: handwritten autographs running vertically along each pleat line; also dated (by hand) June 25th 1900. All but two of the autographs have been identified, including those of husband and wife stars of the Edwardian stage, Sir Edward Seymour Hicks and Ellaline Terris. The latter signs her name with the prefix ‘Bluebell’ which could be a reference to the 1901 staging of the musical Bluebells in Fairyland in which the couple took leads; the autograph of an associate cast member, Margaret Fraser, adds weight to this assumption. The fan is inscribed 1900, perhaps the cast had already begun rehearsals? The actors were dining with auspicious company on this occasion as other autographs can be attributed to Viscountess Esher, her two sons and possibly the 2nd Viscount Esher himself (signed simply as ‘Esher’.) See below for a list of identified autographs.

NB. Autographs (l to r):
1. Margaret Fraser (cast member of Bluebells in Fairyland); 2. Seymour Hicks (celebrated actor/producer/writer & cast member of Bluebells in Fairyland; 3. Unidentified; 4.Oliver Brett, 3rd Viscount of Esher; 5. Unidentified; 6. ‘Bluebell’ Ellaline Terris (actress/singer, wife of Seymour Hicks; cast member of Bluebells in Fairyland); 7. Maurice V Brett (son of Reginald Baliol Brett, 2nd Viscount Esher); 8. ‘Esher’ (possibly 2nd Viscount Esher); 9. Eleanor Esher (Viscountess Esher, wife of 2nd Viscount Esher).

GENDROT, Edouard
Painter, born in Paris in the nineteenth century; student of HAMON; he made his debut at the Paris Salon in 1881.



Maker Role



Gendrot, E.

Maker Role


Date Made



Twentieth Century

Place Made


Inscription and Marks

Mount, obverse:
Mount, reverse: DUVELLEROY - 17, Passage des Panoramas, 17 / Boulevard des Capucínes, 35 - PARIS /
9 x hand-written autographs/ June 25th 1900


Total length: 27.5 cm
Leaf depth: 17 cm
Leaf span: 46 cm


The Fan Museum Trust

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The Fan Museum

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Fan (folding)

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