Advertising fan for Red Star Line; Eventails Chambrelent, Cassiers, Henri; c. 19...


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Advertising fan for Red Star Line

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Folding fan advertising Red Star Line shipping company.
Monture: Wooden - plain sticks, the guards stamped in gold 'Red Star Line' on one side and 'Antwerp-New York' on the other.
Mount: Double paper leaf, the obverse with a monochrome-blue lithograph of a portside scene with Belgian fisherfolk watching a liner out at sea; after a design by Henri CASSIERS. The two female figures (far right) are copied from an earlier (c.1899) Red Star Line poster design by the artist.
Plain reverse.

With their whole life packed in a few suitcases, millions of people sailed from Europe to America after 1800. The United States and Canada were the Promised Land for everyone looking for a better life. Red Star Line ocean steamers paved the way to a new life for about two million men, women and children between 1873 and 1934. Most travellers were emigrants with third-class tickets – certainly not the intended recipients of this type of advertising fan. For them, the passage to America was no pleasure trip: they were kept at the bottom of the ship, packed tightly together in large dormitories with hundreds of beds. If the weather obliged, they would be allowed on deck to escape their stuffy conditions.

CASSIERS, Henri : b.1858, Antwerp – d.1944, Brussels.
Cassiers, primarily a watercolourist, created numerous designs for posters, book illustrations, postcards and menus. His style was figurative and illustrative. His works often featured picturesque views of rural life, peasants, fishermen, boats and regional dress. Cassiers’ poster designs for Red Star Line typically show fisherfolk looking out to sea, their gaze fixed upon an ocean liner in the distance. At first glance these images appear to be enchanting illustrations of traditional Flemish communities, lives seemingly unaffected by the dramatic changes industrialisation brought to most of Western Europe. These scenes might also be interpreted as poignant depictions of separation and loss – desolate figures witnessing the transportation of family or friends to distant shores to forge new, unimaginable lives.


Eventails Chambrelent

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Cassiers, Henri

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c. 1900


Twentieth Century

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Guard length: 21.5 cm
Leaf depth: 13.5 cm
Leaf span: 39 cm

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Advertising>Sea Travel


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The Fan Museum

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Fan (folding)

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