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If you would like to loan or gift any item to the Caistor Heritage Trust or the Caistor Grammar School Archive Group, please use the contact details below. To guarantee that the item will remain safe and secure for future generations, please ensure it is loaned or gifted to these organisations. If you wish to see an actual item please contact us.

The Aims of Caistor Heritage Trust include:
To record and archive for safe keeping, to national standards, artefacts, documents and memories relating to Caistor and district for the community and future communities of Caistor and district
To develop and provide exhibitions for, and in conjunction with, organisations in Caistor and district.
To encourage heritage research on Caistor and district
To work towards providing a research facility for all aspects of life in Caistor and district.
To provide heritage documents, tours and talks on Caistor and district for all ages and abilities
To record, in all available media, present events and past memories of Caistor.
To be active members of the Lincolnshire Museum Forum and Association of Independent Museums.
To work towards providing a dedicated museum for Caistor and district.

Contact Details

36 Nettleton Road Caistor Market Rasen Lincolnshire LN7 6NJ


Chair: Stephen Savage Vice Chair: Alan Dennis Trust Directors: Mike Stopper & Steve Millson Secretary & Treasurer: Margaret Dennis

Visitor Information

36 Nettleton Road Caistor Market Rasen Lincolnshire LN7 6NJ


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Roman and Anglo Saxon Caistor
Norman to C18th Caistor
C19th Caistor
53.49694 -0.315276 16 Caistor Heritage Trust
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