'Horton College - Ross - Tasmania'; Unknown; c. 1860 - 1890; TSO00009055


National Trust of Australia (Tasmania)


'Horton College - Ross - Tasmania'

About this object

Sepia photograph of Horton College. The photograph is in a glazed wooden frame with a gilt slip.

Horton College was a Wesleyan Boys School established near Ross, Tasmania in 1852. A tower was erected above the entrance at a later date and decorative barge boards installed under the eaves. The school closed in the 1890s and the buildings were demolished in 1920.




Photograph, sepia

Date Made

c. 1860 - 1890

Medium and Materials

Photograph, wood, glass

Inscription and Marks

Handwritten in black ink under photograph: Horton College - Ross - Tasmania


Frame: 208(h) x 266(w)mm
Photograph: 108(h) x 164(w)mm


Tasmanian State Office Collection

Credit Line

Donated by Warwick Oakman, Warwick Oakman Antiques, Hobart, Tasmania

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All rights reserved


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