St. Lukes Church of England, Richmond, Tasmania. ; Unknown; 1963; TSO00018301


National Trust of Australia (Tasmania)


St. Lukes Church of England, Richmond, Tasmania.

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St. Lukes Church of England, Richmond, Tasmania.

'Designed by Colonial architect John Lee Archer. Foundation stone was laid on Feb. 3rd 1834. It was built of local stone. St. Lukes was consecrated on May 9th 1836 and has not been altered. Church waited 90 years for its clock which was installed in 1922.' (from notes prepared by the NT Historical Committee)

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Photograph, black and white

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197 (h) x 248 (w) mm

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The Mercury Historic Homes Competition
This photographic competition was held in 1963 to mark the 109th anniversary of the founding of the Mercury newspaper. The competition was sponsored by The Mercury and organised by the National Trust of Australia (Tasmania) southern region.

The competition had 6 class:
1. best preserved town or country house in Tasmania
2. best preserved place of worship
3. best maintained privately owned but open to the public property (eg hotel, school, shop)
4. best maintained commercial or rural building (eg factory, warehouse, barn)
5. best preserved country house for each House of Assembly electorate
6. best maintained public building

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The Mercury Historic Homes Competition


Tasmanian State Office Collection

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