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Dr. Jack Fincham


Carters Little Liver Pills

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Carters Little Liver Pills contained two active ingredients: podophyllum resin & curacao aloes. The podophyllum constituent was a very potent and powerful laxative inducer and the curacao aloes (a type of Aloe Vera) was a soothing ingredient. The product was marketed as a laxative and inducer of enhanced bile flow. Due to the poisonous toxicity of podophyllum, Carters Little Liver Pills was removed from the market. The main use of podophyllum now lies in its external use a wart remover.

Source: Carter's Little Liver Pills, (CARTER MEDICINE CO., NEW YORK). Sugar-coated pills. Pill mass % gr. contains podophyllin, Barbadoes aloes, powdered licorice root and wheat starch. More Seer. Rem., 1912, 96. Sugar-coated pills weighing 0.68 gr. Total pills contain: Water and volatile matter, 4.4S; Ash, 5.15; Petroleum ether extract, 1.05; Alcohol extract, 60.49; Reducing sugars, as dextrose, 21.92; Starch, 14.08; Aloes, present; Licorice and podophyllin, probably present; Soap, capsicum. and alkaloids, none. Conn. Rept., 1914, 292. Source: Street JP. Patent and Proprietary Medicines, Chicago: American Medical Association, 1917.


Carter Products Company

Maker Role

American Manufacturer

Date Made

Early 1900s

Place Made

New York, NY, USA

Object Type

Over-the-counter Medication

Object number

Fincham Collection 189

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All rights reserved


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