French Apothecary Bottle: Kermes Mineral, 1880s; Unknown French Glassblower; Mid...


Dr. Jack Fincham


French Apothecary Bottle: Kermes Mineral, 1880s

About this object

Kermes Mineral Titles Apothecary Bottle; Kermes Mineral: A compound of the trioxide and trisulphide of antimony, used in medicine. This substance occurs in nature as the mineral kermesite. Antimony has played a role in medicine throughout most of recorded history. The Assyrians used it to treat diseases of the urinary tract system. Ebers Papyrus advocated its use a remedy for many ailments (c. 1550 bc).


Unknown French Glassblower

Maker Role

Craftsman, French

Date Made

Mid 19th Century

Place Made


Style and Iconography

French mid-1800s Glassblower

Inscription and Marks

Kermes Mineral

Subject and Association Keywords

Global Materia Medica

Object Type

Apothecary Bottle

Object number

Fincham Collection 051

Copyright Licence  

All rights reserved


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