19th Century Original Prescriptions filled in a pharmacy in Abilene, Kansas, USA...


Dr. Jack Fincham


19th Century Original Prescriptions filled in a pharmacy in Abilene, Kansas, USA

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These are the original prescriptions from a pharmacy in Abilene, Kansas in October and November, 1880.


Various Physicians practicing in Kansas in the Late 19th Century

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Abilene, KS, USA Physicians

Date Made

October-November 1880

Place Made

Abilene, Kansas, USA

Place Notes

These prescriptions were filled and dispensed by Mr. AG Northcraft established a pharmacy in Abilene in 1970 in a little room just north of Nelson’s Grocery Store on South Cedar Street. He closed the grocery component of the operation and expanded the pharmacy and in 1873, he added an extra room – made this the pharmacy and once again sold groceries in the remaining area just as before. From 1878-1879 the practice grew and he built a new separate building for the pharmacy. This became the
well-known and prosperous Northcraft Drug House. Respected for honesty & integrity, Northcraft quickly became well known all over the state and was considered one of Kansas' most successful druggists. In 1882, Mr. Northcraft suffered health issues and passed away in 1882. Partial source: http://www.trapprx.com/about-us.html

Inscription and Marks

The top prescription Rx 21553 depicted in the photo below is written for:
Quinine Sulfate, 1/2 ounce (15 ml), Tincture of Liquor 4 ounces, and Syrup, 2 ounces with dose of 1 desertspoonful (10ml) to be taken every 3 hours during the day.

This prescription was written by Dr. King,. MD

Object Type

Pharmacy Memorabilia

Object number

Fincham Collection 028

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All rights reserved

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