Roman copper alloy jug; AD 100-200; 2018.6.1




Roman copper alloy jug

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A copper alloy jug with a cast body, applied base and handle. Found in a heavily damaged condition, broken into three main pieces comprising the body, neck and handle.
The jug appears to have been pear-shaped, with the handle originally applied to the neck by means of a now-missing metal strap. The flat base consists of a circle of copper-alloy sheet which was made separately and applied by the application of solder to its rim. Lightly incised grooves decorate the neck, with a repoussée band at the top having formed a seat for the handle strap. The neck also displays possible evidence of repair. The solid-cast handle is of elongated ‘S’ shape, broken at the top, with a moulded thumb rest, decorative grooves and a fan-shaped base plate with incised palm frond decoration and an inverted-triangular arrangement of three rivet holes. An unidentified off-white substance adheres to the inner surface of the neck.

Date Made

AD 100-200


Roman (AD 43-411)

Medium and Materials

Metal | Copper alloy


Body height about 140 mm; width at top 160 mm; diameter of base 124 mm; thickness of vessel wall 1.8 mm. Weight (soil-filled): 2087 g.
Neck height about 155 mm; width 160 mm; approximate diameter of neck (damaged) 50 mm. Weight: 170.21 g.
Handle length 127 mm; width of footplate 36.5 mm; depth 35.8 mm. Weight: 115.44 g.


North Hertfordshire Museum

Credit Line

Purchased from the British Museum under the terms of the Treasure Act 1996.

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